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Voice-over-internet-protocol is no longer the new kid on the block.  In fact, according to fluentstream, 36% of small businesses utilize some form of VOIP for business voice services (as of 2022).  With dozens of regional and national providers, M2 can align you with a new phone system, that handles all of your business objectives.

Network Hub and Cable


SD-WAN is a rapidly growing technology that has a variety of functions for business owners.  Software-defined-wide-area-networks offer in depth visibility of data networks by providing an insight into what’s happening real time.   More and more customers are using SD-WAN for its redundancy and fail-over functionality, as well as prioritizing bandwidth for mission critical applications.

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As the digital world evolves, many businesses still have a need for some form of legacy copper services.  Most fax machines, alarms, and elevators still require traditional POTS lines.  Other businesses may not have the internet availability to convert to VOIP.  With pricing fluctuating widely based on geography and carrier, M2 can help find the best option.

Internet of things (IoT) industrial business smart devices wifi tech concept. Intelligence mobile co


Businesses rely on internet to run more applications and day to day tasks than ever before.  Email, CRM tools, and phone services are just a few applications that are so dependent on this connectivity.  With over 100 carriers’ available, M2 can provide DSL, Ethernet over copper (EoC), Fiber internet, T1's, cable broadband and even satellite.  There is no location that we can't find a solution for.

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Proper cabling and networking is essential to a successful service installation or upgrade. As part of our consolation an expert technician can inspect you cabling, jacks, interconnects, patch panels, switches, modems, and routers to ensure everything is ready for your new service. In the event that any element of your system is determined to not be up to the task, rest assured that we can replace in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Unified Communications, or UCaaS, offers businesses multiple communications methods to enhance business process and user productivity.  UCaaS gives you more ways to listen to and communicate with customers and co-workers such as video conferencing, instant messaging, and remote mobility. Additionally, with UCaaS employees can access all communications channels they need in one place. This tool streamlines business by allowing your employees to collaborate seamlessly which leads to greater customer satisfaction and highly productive teams.

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A broad category, Cloud Services encompasses innumerable IT resources provided over the internet. Basically, these services are “outsourced” to the cloud as opposed to being handled “in house” and on site.  Services such as IT, remote desktop support, contact center and security can all be delivered in the “as a service” model.    Moving these operations to the cloud, take the efforts off your plate, and moves them to an op-ex model.   No more upfront outlay for expensive software and hardware.  Scaleability is one of the top benefits to moving your business operations to the cloud.

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